Hi, I'm G. Neville Loring,  a Children's Book Author from Nova Scotia.

I write adventure-mystery-detective short stories for kids 9-12. Watch for my first book in a five-book series titled "The Remarkable Tales of the Home Town Heroes - Book #1 - Fantastic Adventures Unleashed". It's a book of short stories about four young boys from a small town in New England who have a lust for adventure and a wonderful friendship that lands them in the most incredible situations that they always face with bravery and resilience.

Dive into the remarkable world of the Home Town Heroes, where action, adventure, and friendship abound. These heartwarming stories inspire readers to persevere, stay true to themselves, and embrace their inner courage. Don't miss out on this epic series that will leave you craving more!

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I have been described as a versatile and imaginative writer who brings my passion for storytelling to life in my series of children's short stories. A devoted father of two, my love for my children, Lucy and Larry (Lawrence), serves as an endless source of inspiration for my tales.

I'm no stranger to the world of creativity and communication. With a fine arts degree under my belt and a post-graduate certificate in journalism, I have honed my craft as a freelance journalist, where my unique writing style has captured readers' attention. Now, I am is excited to embark on a new journey as I venture into the realm of fiction for the first time, self-publishing my stories for children to enjoy.

An avid sports enthusiast and with the experience of considerable overseas travel, I am able to draw from the lessons I've learned through travel to infuse my stories with vibrant settings and relatable life lessons. I have always been actively involved in the community which has helped me better understand the diverse interests of children, allowing me to craft stories that appeal to a wide range of young readers.

Residing in a small Nova Scotia town with my supportive wife, Carol, and our two children, I'm committed to creating memorable, engaging stories that will not only entertain but also spark young imaginations and foster a lifelong love for reading.


Get ready for a collection of exciting and humorous exploits with "The Remarkable Tales of the Home Town Heroes - Book #1: Fantastic Adventures Unleashed". This five-story book is perfect for children aged 9 to 12, but readers of all ages will be captivated by the stories of four best friends (Tom, Jack, Alex and Ben) who navigate challenges together and learn important life lessons along the way.

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In the heart of a small New England town, four young boys - Tom, Jack, Alex, and Ben - known as the Home Town Heroes, embark on an unforgettable adventure. When they stumble upon an antique music box hidden in an old attic, they are drawn into a thrilling mystery rooted in the town's forgotten history. With a haunting melody as their guide and a wealth of courage in their hearts, the boys set out to uncover the secrets hidden within the music box, leading them on a treasure hunt beyond their wildest dreams.

"The Mysterious Music Box" is a tale of friendship, courage, and determination that celebrates the power of perseverance. Join the Home Town Heroes as they unravel a riddle from the past, proving that even the youngest among us can make a big difference. This story is the perfect introduction to the Home Town Heroes series, where every page turn is an adventure, every mystery a chance to learn, and every challenge a test of their mettle. Sign up today!